The Republican Party of "Evil"

Welcome back Republican Illuminatti to the "Dark" side site

Congratulations! Evil Wins Again!

Welcome new Republican senators!

Thank you for your generous support for the "dark" side! Your investment is finally yielding a profitable tax cut and achieving your goals. We continue to do all we can to keep you priveleged, wealthy and in power over government. Here is a summary of our latest strategies:

Control the republican party with money and votes and then keep the party in political power as much as possible to decrease any government counteractions to our goals.
First we enlist one-issue-zealot voters blind to everything else:
Gun rights Convince the NRA and gun owners that the opposing party will take their guns away regardless of the truth. They are already paranoid and just tell them everyone is out to get them and they will vote to keep their guns. Prevent any funding of research that may reveal otherwise.
Right-to-life These people need to keep thinking that this is the worst kind of murder. They don't care much about anything else so they are easy votes. We don't actually have to do anything about the issue, just say we are on their side.
Freedom-of-religion Even though there really is no god, these people will die defending and propagating their religion. Tell them we are defending their religious rights then we have their votes. Since 70% of the citizens and even a larger share of common Republican voters are Christian, we need to focus on them. Plus, since they are trained to believe lies every Sunday, they will accept anything we tell them.
Climate change Most of our wealth comes from oil, gas and coal. There is still about 100 trillion dollars in the ground and we don't want to lose that money no matter what happens to those pathetic polar bears. Use our media to generate doubt about climage change. Keep the government and environmentalists from restricting our access to this wealth.
Fear Immigrants Instill fear of immigrants to our voters. Even though immigrants are poor and willing to take on the most undesirable jobs and be good citizens, we need to keep them out so they don't form a voting block against the Republican party.
Other vote getting and wealth creating methods for us:
Convince voters the other party is doing less for them than ours is. Unfortunately Bush and Trump have made us look bad, but simply blame all problems on the Democrats. If they are in power don't let them do anything "good". The average voter is not smart enough to know and understand what is really going on. To our advantage, "leaders" like Trump are amazingly easy to manipulate using flattery.
Immigration and fear of others can be used to get votes. Make people think that foreigners are out to get them, take their jobs, kill them though terrorism... Voters want a party that says they will "protect" them regardless of what the party really does.
Promise promise promise... Delivery is not mandatory. As Hitler noted, if you repeat things enough, the people believe them.
Keep education down Educated voters and critical thinkers might see through our obfuscation of facts and vote against us. Support private schools which will weaken public schools. The private schools focus more on religion rather than science, helping with our voter base.
Control the media - Use FOX news to promote our agenda as valid news. Support talk shows to help brainwash the weak minded into believing the Republicans are working in their best interest. Buy up as many media outlets as we can to suppress opposition news.
Science is bad Convince voters that science and logic don't work and people working on these subjects are stealing their tax dollars on bogus "research".
Kill health care... Most of our taxes go to health care and social security. The more we cut these, the more we can keep for our wealthy. The sick cannot focus on voting. The healthy don't have to pay as much for healthcare and therefore will vote for us.
Cut taxes... The voters like this effective bribe. It also helps weaken the government and prevents it from regulating our methods of acquiring wealth. You should be proud of how our tax cut increased every citizens share of the national debt by $4,500 while having to only give the non-wealthy an average tax cut of $1,000. The other $3,500 times the population (about one trillion) goes to us! Also, note how we cleverly make the tax cut go away for the non-wealthy at the point in time when the Democrats might take over. Then we can blame them for the tax increase at that time.
Distract... Trump is great at continually distracting the news and public from our real goals by tweeting outrageous ideas and decisions. Everyone is so tied up dealing with the latest daily nonsense that they don't have time to investigate what we are really doing. Thanks Donald!
Supreme Court We need to control the supreme court! Those are lifetime appointments and may be our only way to save us from prison if the Democrats take over. Kavanaugh is totally on our side and ready to give us revenge on anything the Democrats do to us. We should be able to ramrod him through the confirmation process.
Shutdown We hope Trump will stand firm on insisting for the wall by shutting down the government for a long time or declaring a national emergency. With any luck, we won't have to pay taxes this year and if the Democrats give in, then Trump can effectively be a dictator which would really help us more endowed folk. With a national emergency in place, Trump may be able to delay any further elections keeping us in power longer.
2020 Election We have a new underground Republican Party and Trump supporter: Howard Schultz! He will help us divide the Democratic vote which should let Trump win the 2020 election. Thank you Howard!!!
Exoneration! Thank you attorney general Barr for white washing the Mueller report as promised!

Thank you again for your continued support! Please contact your designated dark side representative to donate and contribute strategic ideas.